Cavity Rules Queen Within A Doll's Mouth (crimson_agony) wrote in cyberflesh,
Cavity Rules Queen Within A Doll's Mouth

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i didn't know what to call this one....

Thin wires replace my veins
Battery acid replaces my blood
My vision becomes radar
And I realize, I am no longer human

Look at me, I'm a freak
I'm wheeled up on stage: bound and gagged
As scientists watch
One step in the future
And the past buried behind with a gray headstone
They say they have a cure for humans

If we could turn ourselves into machines
We could have that ever lasting life of vampires

Now I know I am doomed
I'm an experiment
Kept away from the world
I want to kill that scientist
That took away my sanity

Constantly watched by monitors
An idea comes to mind: If I am machine, then I am able to bend them to my will
I communicate with the computer system to let me go free
I recognize my creator
Grip him by his vunerable throat
And snap it like a cheap plastic doll
But I am not free
I must battle these people that I once was

These were my colleauges
That did this to me
I had this idea, but I never imagined, they'd try it on me

Someone stole my idea
Someone stole my life

Now I am just this thing--this killing machine
As these vunerable humans gather around, taming me like I'm some beast

I feel my wires are pulled, and my body carried away
One chance for infinite life
And I ruined it with my rage
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